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Welcome to Moderne Living. We like to think creatively. We like to plan for the long-term. We like to build communities and homes that blend functional design thinking, upscale amenities, and sustainable neighborhood partnerships to offer our residents an unparalleled and unique take on the urban, desert lifestyle. If you like, we’d love to have you live with us.

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Connect the Community: A connected community is one in which you know who live next to; neighbors say hello, smile, wave and stop for a chat from time to time. It could mean borrowing a cup of sugar, helping a neighbor with their yard work, or inviting neighbors to watch a sporting event or show at your place. Ultimately, connected communities are made up of residents who look out for each other. Moderne Living understands this dynamic and strives to create and promote this sense of community.

Moderne Living is a premier boutique property management company specializing in the management of renovated apartment communities in the metro Phoenix area. We are invested in the wellbeing of this property, its’ residents, and we understand the level of service you and your tenants require. Our unique approach to management not only provides a level of comfort to the owner, but also provides an unparalleled tenant experience.

Phoenix is the Moderne Living family’s home and we want to take care of our wonderful city. For more than 30 years our work has had a profound impact on street corners, neighborhoods, and communities throughout the city. We take that responsibility and honor very seriously. As a result, we work with the highest caliber contractors, architects, and designers to foster a balanced and creative environment for our residents and to ensure that our work supports the health of our communities. We are committed to excellence in all areas of what we do. We commit to contributing towards the sustainability of the future by acting responsibly today.

Moderne Living Housing’s mission is to advocate, promote, plan and provide the long-term supply of desirable and affordable housing in the Phoenix area in order to maintain well-rounded communities. Our vision is to support the quality of life and economic vitality of our communities by increasing housing choices and opportunities for local residents. Each community has unique characteristics such as energy efficiency, accessible transportation, and proximity to services that ensure our holistic approach to affordable housing creates a successful solution to the challenges we face as local residents.


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Efficiency and timeliness are vital when it comes to finding a new home, property management, or development. That’s why it’s important to us that we respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Get in contact with us today and discover why Moderne Living is the premier real estate company in Phoenix.




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Moderne Living properties are available across the Valley. Our strong track record and local reputation has helped Moderne Living become synonymous with contemporary, affordable housing in Arizona’s most premier neighborhoods.


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